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Is your publishing business:

  • Seeing declining revenue
  • Declining customer volume and average yield
  • Is your subscription line shrinking or stagnant
  • Is your print advertising line in downward spiral

Are you struggling to find enough digital revenue to compensate loss of advertising dollars although you have launched a new website and hire “digital sales people”?

Good news is there is help available and those challenges can be overcome and your business could be transformed into growing and sustainable business.

Bad news is, it isn’t going to happen with or through your existing business.

Problem isn’t necessarily or limited to your product or people. Publishing businesses are in existential struggle and they need to review their business model as that is being challenged with every click of mouse. It is systemic business model decline that can not be reversed with tactical initiatives or throwing money at websites, spit and shine or existing assets or by brining in new talent to do the same old job. If you continue to do more of what you are doing you will only increase your cost without any long term gain. 

it is struggle for survival, it is dinosaur moment, it is challenge faced by type writers in face of computing. It isn’t necessarily challenge of your product but of your specie’s survival.
It requires publishing businesses to evolve, to find more robust, sustainable business model. To undergo business transformation through long term strategy and goals.

If you think your print publishing business is immune to these challenges then you are living in lala land. If you are still enjoying growth then now is the time to invest and build for future while the sun shines. In the next 5-7 years typical publishing businesses in Canada will fall of the cliff, no matter what they are doing today, no matter how well they are doing today. It is a matter of when and not if they will struggle.