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Information Business

Days when content was king have long gone, in today’s world content is everywhere. It is available faster, cheaper and in volumes never experienced by mankind before. What matters today’s isn’t what content is available but what insight that content provides and how to make sense of the information available to us. This is the age of Information Businesses or DAAS (Data As A Service Businesses)

We can help traditional media business diversify into Information services by:

  • Providing diversification strategy
  • Creating & launching data products
  • Creating subscription products and subscription base
  • Providing acquisition and retention strategy
  • Helping businesses create valuable research reports
  • Emerging Markets

We help businesses, all kinds of businesses, grow into international emerging markets. We offer marketing canvassing, opportunity sizing, identifying entry models, providing market entry strategy and finding relevant partners or agents. We have extensive experience of working in emerging markets and vast network of contacts in the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi etc.) India and Indian Sub-Continent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka), China and Singapore.