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What is Faz Inc?

Helping business navigate difficult time, grow locally, regionally and globally. Change is the only permanence in the business, you are changing every day whether you acknowledge it or not. Large corporations can afford to stick to their old ways and pay for large scale “change management” programs but SMEs and entrepreneurs need to live life of business transformation, for them it is not a choice but way of operating.

Transforming businesses through finding growth opportunities and creating environment to make the most of them.


Conscious Capitalist businesses


Business transformation
Change management
Business strategy – development and execution
Creating growth culture and growth mindset
Building sustainable business practices and opportunities



Business Development

Finding global opportunities
Launching new products/Revenue lines


Benchmarking sales
Creating sales excellence
Improving sales teams, yield, customer acquisition, retention and volume
Lead generation
Creating data driven sales infrastructure and culture
Sales leads through Linkedin


Redefining what success looks like
Effective resource Planning
Leadership deploy critical business tools
Informed decision making framework
Blue Ocean strategies
Effective time management
Effective/result oriented meetings



If you are print publishing business then you know you are in a whirlwind of challenges.



Are you involved in events or run an events business? Wish to run a successful, sustainable events business?

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Information Business

Days when content was king have long gone, in today’s world content is everywhere.

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Change Management

We are in constant flux of change, we may not realize it but everything around us is changing. If you are not changing then you aren’t standing still but you are regressing. Need to change management and business transformation for SMEs is more critical than large corporations. Change is the only constant in the life of SMEs and entrepreneurs, change is what made you an entrepreneur in the first place.

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